The Approximate Parent: Synopsis

The Approximate Parent provides you with expertise on adolescent development in general, on the way to helping you figure out your particular teen. Did you ever want to find out what the voluminous and often conflicting research on adolescence says—without having to spend the time to do it? The Approximate Parent does that for you. This highly accessible book draws on work in such diverse fields as clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, epigenetics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and religious studies to provide a thorough context for understanding the issues facing American teens. Chapters include an overview of adolescent development based on the latest research on neuroimaging; relationships and role played by mass digital media in identity development; parenting in the digital age; drugs, alcohol and parties and understanding when and how to intervene; the current sexual culture of adolescents; a new way of understanding the meaning of your teen’s behavior in the family; protecting the wish and will towards learning and creativity in your teen; how to tell if your teen has good mental health and finally, a meditation on the ethical dimension of parenting, or why parenting is always about teaching values and responsibility.