Introduction to The Approximate Parent (Free!)

Introduction to The Approximate Parent (Free!)

For a free copy of the Introduction, see below...

Written in a smart, funny and friendly tone, The Approximate Parent: Discovering the Strategies that Work for Your Teenager serves parents (as well as educators and mental health professionals) by translating what teens think, feel and do into terms that make practical sense.  But The Approximate Parent doesn’t tell parents what to do or provide the “Right” way to parent teens.  Instead, it helps us become experts on our own teenagers, guiding us in how to figure out for ourselves the best ways to understand, support and intervene to support them. The book operates by a simple idea: parents shouldn’t have to come to therapy or become research scientists to get the benefits of this expertise.

WANT TO PREVIEW THE BOOK?: We invite you to read the Introduction to The Approximate Parent at no charge! This is a great way to get an overall sense of the work and see if you'd like to buy the book. Just send us an email at fineopticspress [at] and we'll reply with a .pdf of the entire Introduction.

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